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Fast Track Business Loan

Application Portal

Speed when you need it.

Our trusted Partners & Lenders provide Fast Track Business, a financing solution ideal for ready-to-execute and time-sensitive business projects.


This program helps us provide a speedy application process closing within 10 days or less!  Our objective is to put the funds you need in your hands as quickly as possible by proving the financial viability of your project.


SBA Fast Track™ 

  • Interest rate of Prime + 6%

  • Approvals up to 50% of your gross revenue from your last filed tax return, up to a max loan amount of $150,000.

  • Term Length: 10 years or 120 months

Documents to Prepare:

  • 1 Business Tax Return

  • Personal Credit Report for each Owner above 30% (min 675).

  • 6 Most Recent Bank Statements

  • Current Profit & Loss Statement

  • General Budget or Use of Funds Summary


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