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The Ultimate
CDFI Funding Guidefor 2024

By LLG Partners

Community Development Financial Institutions, commonly known as CDFIs, are financial support organizations that are willing to fund small businesses regardless of bad credit, limited experience, or time in business. CDFIs can take various forms, including credit unions, banks, loan funds, and venture capital funds. They are certified by the U.S. Department of the Treasury's CDFI Fund, which provides financial and technical assistance to support their operations.


Due to their structure and core values, Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) can offer more flexible underwriting criteria compared to traditional financial institutions. This gives them the ability to serve individuals and businesses who may not qualify for loans or other financial services from mainstream banks. CDFIs play a vital role in promoting economic development and financial inclusion in underserved communities, helping to create immense opportunities for individuals and businesses to build wealth and enhance their quality of life.

Within this e-book, you will discover over 1,000 CDFIs and affiliated institutions across the US that can fund your business venture or expansion. They are organized by state for your convenience.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: ​ Learn step-by-step how to qualify and apply for up to $250,000 in business funding through CDFI Lenders. Use editable templates to complete your Business Plan and Business Financials for review. Prepare your application for open grants in your state and/or industry. Review your application with a dedicated consultant to help you contact, apply, and close your first funding round.  Access an exclusive Lending Network of over 250 traditional financing institutions, CDFI's, private bank lenders, and investment agencies worldwide. (Subject to project review). Learn how to structure your debt requirements to maximize profitability within your business.  Learn valuable insights into the Commercial Banking Industry and their Credit Management Policies.

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